About mapworkspace
Mapworkspace is an on-line service (SaaS) dedicated to MapInfo Professional® users to publish and share their maps on the Internet.

Mapworkspace’s accessibility and ease-of-use are truly unique. Although there are solutions allowing users to add simple geographic information to free online map services, mapworkspace stands out as it leaves the mapping professional with complete latitude to create maps in MapInfo Professional, and then use mapworkspace to easily share them with their colleagues or other users. Public access allows non-GIS professionals to consult published information and interact with the authors in a user-friendly environment.

To learn more about the mapworkspace service, please visit our FAQ.

Mapworskpace is available as an online service or as an on-premise solution. Please visit the Pricing page to learn more about our offer and costs.


This document provides the MapInfo Professional users with guidelines and recommendations for the creation and optimization of maps to be published and shared on mapworkspace.

MapInfo User Guide for mapworkspace users


All mapworkspace users, paying or not, are requested login authentication to access their maps, and have the possibility to keep their maps private and visible to themselves only. Sharing maps with the mapworkspace community is entirely optional.

Furthermore, all data published on mapworkspace is for the client’s exclusive use through the mapworkspace service and it will under no circumstances be shared or used by Korem.

Data published by our clients on the mapworkspace server must comply to their respective terms of licence.

The mapworkspace service is the property of Korem Inc.
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