1 - A FREE SUBSCRIPTION to mapworkspace provides users with an access to all of the service’s functionalities and sharing options. They are granted with 5 Mb of space and the capacity to publish and share up to 5 maps. Sharing options include the use of the embedding code for integration within a private Web environment, and sharing of the maps on social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google +.

2 – ANNUAL PAID SUBSCRIPTION PACKAGES to use mapworkspace map sharing service (SaaS) are also available, providing more space and a wider range of map views. Depending on their subscription package, paying users can publish more maps within the provided disk space. Paid subscription package prices, to be renewed annually, are mainly defined by hard drive space and number of maps published and viewed. An Enterprise package provides the additional capacity to share maps within a private group of users. This type of package allows the person in charge of the account to create his own users and groups of users, within his corporate group.

3 - Mapworkspace is also available as an ON-PREMISE solution where the complete application can be purchased for internal use. The application will then be installed on an internal server for private use. In this context, the person in charge of the system for the organization will have full flexibility to manage all users, groups of users, maps, and usage statistics. The interface can also be customized for better integration into the corporate environment.

Package Disk space Published maps Map views per year Embedding code Private group Https secured access
Free subscription 5 Mb 5 1 000 Yes No No
Base 50 Mb 10 10 000 Yes No No
Standard 250 Mb 25 25 000 Yes No No
Professional 1.0 Gb 100 100 000 Yes No No
Enterprise 2.0 Gb 250 250 000 Yes Yes Optional


If you want to subscribe to one of the mapworkspace packages, or to obtain additional information, please contact us by email at, or by phone at +1 888 440 1627 (Canada and USA only) or +1 418 647 1555 (International).


All mapworkspace users, paying or not, are requested login authentication to access their maps, and have the possibility to keep their maps private and visible to themselves only. Sharing maps with the mapworkspace community is entirely optional. What’s more, this last option is excluded from the Enterprise package for increased confidentiality.

Moreover, all data published on mapworkspace is for the client’s exclusive use through the mapworkspace service and it will in no circumstances be shared or used by Korem.

Data published by our clients on the mapworkspace server must respect their respective terms of licence.


A support service is available and can be added as an option to most packages. Korem guarantees its customers that its support team will do everything possible to solve issues related to the use of the service, as long as this use is in conformity with the documentation and good practice, and that it does not require an analysis work on the part of its specialists. Support does not include training, adaptation, integration, implementation, or any project management undertaken by the client

Support is provided in French and English only.

To learn more about our support service, please contact us by email at, or by phone at +1 888 440 1627 (Canada and USA only) or +1 418 647 1555 (International).
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